Camping can be such a great and relaxing activity. It allows you to mingle with the nature around you. In Iceland, it is probably one of the most recommended activities. After all, Iceland is all about nature like glaciers and waterfalls. This can easily turn into an organization nightmare if not prepared in the right way. Ever wonder what to pack for a Camping Adventure in Iceland? then keep on reading and find out!

Camping Adventure In Iceland

As we said before, camping in Iceland, getting everything in order and settled can be quite stressful if you do not have experience in this kind of trips. It is not as hard as it may seem, just takes a bit of time. But this time you invest now is time you will save unpacking gear, looking for stuff everywhere and being lost in your own campsite. We will try to sort this by setting an efficient thinking and making clear what is needed for a camping adventure in Iceland.

For this, we will divide our camping needs into, at least, three different sections. Of course, this highly depends on how many people are traveling, your family needs and the type of activities you might be doing. But we are sure that with this example camping essentials you will get the idea to apply it on your trip planning later.The best Camping Adventure In Iceland is awaiting you!

Pack everything together in their corresponding section. For each section, you can use tagged bags so they are easy to find at a glance. Zip plastic bags are also quite useful for little items and stuff. These three sections will be:

Camping Adventure In Iceland

Kitchen area:

  • Camping Stove (usually provided by camper rental companies)
  • Nonperishable food or canned goods
  • Kitchen utensils: usually available at the rental companies. Be sure to check what is included and what is not, in case you need to add any item to complete the pack.
  • Plastic, Foil and kitchen paper as well as wipers.
  • Drinks, water and snacks.
  • Napkins, Cups

We will set aside the fresh food, as this probably will go in a cooler of fridge. Most motorhomes and campers have one.

Sleeping area:

  • Your tent if your vehicle does not have a sleeping area.
  • Ground isolating mat for your tent.
  • Bed linen, pillows and towels. Probably included or available at rental companies. This is important for your sleeping comfort so be sure to check if this equipment is included or not.

Outdoor area:

Here we will add anything we need or want to have for any outdoor activity or just for our “living room” while camping.

  • Flashlights or lanterns.
  • Camping set (chairs and tables) remember that folding chairs are easy to stack up. Usually available as well at equipment rental companies.
  • Matches, lighters, cord for hanging wet clothes, and a tiny set of tools. For cutting, for sewing any piece of cloth that’s been torn…etc.
  • Adhesive tape and first aid kit.

Camping Adventure In Iceland

What to Pack For a Camping Adventure In Iceland?

Other section ideas would be: clothing section, Toiletries, cleaning goods, and the fun section. Where you can include some cards and board games to have a fun family or friendly night!

To keep everything under control, be sure to make a packing list and that everything is kept in its own section. This way, everything will be under control and easy to find. Camping has never been so easy nor this fun!


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