Traveling to a foreign country is not an easy task for sure. If you want everything to go as smooth as possible, planning is a must. Camping in Iceland is one of those activities that requires certain organization beforehand, we are well aware of that. Here you have the Best Stores For Camping Equipment in Reykjavik.

Camping Equipment in Reykjavik

You might be wondering what is this post about. In case you are planning to come to Iceland and camp around, equipment is a priority. Do not get pushed back, camping is one of the most amazing activities one can do in Iceland. One not only can contact with the nature, there are way more advantages.  It also allows you to have a flexible schedule, save a good amount of money and expand possibilities.

Tent camping can be easy as pie if you set your mind to. But it can be a disaster if you do not take your time get further explore the place you are heading to. It does not matter if you are renting a car, a motorhome or a camper, certain equipment is still essential. Iceland is a windy and humid country, keep that in mind. If you come from dry California, you just cannot use your splendid tent you bought at Walmart. Same applies for any other type of items and objects.

Most camping gear can also be quite heavy and large, not foldable. Bringing that directly from home can become a total nightmare. That is why we decided to provide a list of the Best Stores For Camping Equipment in Reykjavikk. Here you cannot only buy, but rent such equipment. Specially adapted to the Icelandic climate conditions. This way, you no longer need to worry about fitting a square into a circle.

Camping Equipment in Reykjavik

Camping Rental Iceland

Any type of camping rental equipment you can think of; you can find it here. From tents, GPS, WIFI to gas bottles and maps. They also offer a great service as store opens 24/7 in their online version. This way you can pre-order and rent your stuff from home. Their stuff is also specialist in camping so they will gladly give you any advice you might need.

Gangleri Outfitters

This one is also among the Best Stores For Camping Equipment in Reykjavik. They offer both new items and rental ones.  Hiking boots, camping kits, snowshoes…whatever comes to your mind. The store is not huge but they have a wide range of products that surely are useful.


If you are looking for a more exclusive product or range, this is your equipment stores in Reykjavik. Thermal clothing, skis, helmets, tents…anything for outdoor activities and camping is right here. Their selection of rental items is not as wide as the other two stores, but it is still worth checking.

Camping Equipment in Reykjavik

Rent a Tent

If you are just looking for a basic camping adventure, then this is your place. Essential product for camping at a nice rate. They also have a good selection of food and cooking equipment you might want to check. You can pre-order your products and have a 24/7 pick-up drop off service.

Best Stores For Camping Equipment in Reykjavik – Ready And Prepared

Now you surely know where to head to make your suitcases way lighter! With these recommendations of the best stores for camping equipment in Reykjavik, you will be ready for Icelandic weather. Now, go and check on prices for plane tickets. Your camping quipment is no longer something to be worried about!


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