It is not a secret that the earth is our one and only home and it is currently facing several problems that cannot be gone untreated. Camping in Iceland is an activity that is directly linked with the environment and enjoying that the nature has to offer us. In order to keep it that way for years to come, we should be aware of our own behavior and try to be as respectful as possible. Here are some tips and a call to action to reduce our impact and Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland.

Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland

Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland is a unique opportunity to be surrounded by amazing virgin nature. As humans, everything we do, use and take has a direct consequence in the area we living. That is known as environmental impact. Sadly, it is quite hard to make zero impact on nature but we can still try. The less we negatively impact the environment, the healthier our biosphere will be. That directly translate to beautiful and valuable ecosystem out there to enjoy camping! Here you have some ideas anyone can accomplish while camping:

  1. Recycling:

It might sound obvious but people usually forget about that. When camping, we usually take the trash into one big hefty bag and off we go. This way, we are not sorting our waste and not lessening our impact. In Iceland, just like most European countries, there are many options for waste collection. There are usually bins of different color for different recyclable materials.

Blue: Paper and carton. Anything from magazines, vouchers, tickets to milk and juice brick pack. Most of these packages can be flattened and folded.

Green: All type of plastics, soft and hard. Rather you have any yogurt cup, shampoo bottles or just a plastic wrap or bag!

Grey: Organic waste. Fruit peels, chunks of food that cannot longer be used and so on.

I bet you might be thinking that you do not have such bins at your motorhome or camper, let alone tent. But you can just set different plastic bags for each type of waste. In every city as well as campsites, you will find these bins. Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland has never been so easy!

Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland

  1. Water Conservation:

Water consumption and use has been growing at a huge rate in the last century. In order to prevent water shortages, we need to be aware of its use.

While camping, we will for sure use some basic facilities such as showers and sinks. To get clean, wash hands, brush your teeth. Remember, close the tap when soaping up the dishes. When brushing your teeth, there is no need to keep the water running! This tiny gesture does save tons of water. Keep it in mind while Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland.

  1. Camping Thrifting!

Do you have any kind of goods that you do not need anymore but can still be used? Be sure to check with the camping manager. Many of these sites, like Reyjavik campsite, do have a program of goods exchanging. This way, the next camper can extend the use of such goods and create less waste!

Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland

Eco-Friendly Camping In Iceland – Taking Care Of Our Nature

  1. Be aware of the surroundings

Leave the place you just visited in a mint condition. Do not throw rubbish anywhere or everywhere. Follow the rules about off road driving and driving safety, not only for security but for environmental reasons. Knowledge ensures further consciousness. Just by being aware of the type of vegetation and fauna surrounding you.

Do not step on the moss! As Icelandic moss is quite fragile and takes up to 100 years to grow back. Knowing this will surely help preventing unwanted damages to the environment

We are sure there are thousand different ways of Eco Friendly Camping in Iceland but we wanted to propose the simplest ones. This way, anyone can do our bit to help.

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