What could be better than going to a fantastic new restaurant during your camping trip in Reykjavik? What about trying foods from ten different food vendors? That’s precisely what you’ll find at downtown Reykjavik’s Hlemmur Food Hall. Of course, if you’re camping in Iceland, you’re likely trying to save money. You’re going to be cooking a lot of meals and not eating out a lot. The restaurants and food stalls that operate here provide an affordable alternative to some of the higher-priced dining options in Iceland’s capital. From Jómfrúin’s Danish open-faced sandwiches to Brauð & co’s traditional Icelandic artisanal bread to Bánh mí’s Vietnamese street food, you’ll find a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Finish it all off with a freshly made ice cream at Ísleifur Heppni. Get your appetites ready as we explore all that Hlemmur Food Hall and its vendors have to offer.

Delicious rice paper rolls at Hlemmur food hall

Opening Hours: 8 am to 11 pm daily

Brauð & Co Bakery

This artisanal bakery is one of the coolest in Reykjavik right now. Brauð & Co bakes with organic sourdough and creates some of the yummiest freshly-made bread you will ever taste. Owner Ágúst Einþórsson also bakes up buttery danishes, a skill he learned while working at a bakery in Denmark. This is actually the bakery’s second location. The original is located on Frakkastígur street, also in the downtown area. I recommend grabbing a brew at Micro Roast Tea and Coffee in Hlemmur (the next stall over) and having breakfast here. Try one of Brauð & Co’s cinnamon buns. They’re to die for.

Micro Roast Te og Kaffi

Micro Roast’s owners are passionate about java craftsmanship and provide their customers with both seasonal and freshly roasted coffee. You’ll get all of your coffee and tea needs met here before heading off on your Iceland road trip. You’ll also find some yummy snacks and desserts. They only use Fair Trade, locally-roasted beans to ensure the highest quality, freshest cup of joe around.


Locally sourced and foraged ingredients combined with Icelandic traditions make Skál! an enticing destination at Hlemmur Food Hall. In addition to high-quality food, they also offer craft beer, natural wines, and creative cocktails. Chef and entrepreneur Gísli Matthías (founder of Slippurinn and Matur og Drykkur) and Björn Steinar Jónsson (founder of the Saltverk saltworks in Reykjanes) take pride in their experimental bar and restaurant.

A tasty sandwich from Skál!


Due to historical and geographical reasons, Iceland’s cuisine has been greatly influenced by other Scandinavian countries. One of its best known and most popular dishes is smørrebrød. These Danish open-faced sandwiches usually consist of pålæg (a topping such as cold cuts, small pieces of meat, fish, cheese or spreads) on top of a buttered piece of rye bread. Jómfrúin Is Iceland’s most famous restaurant for creating smørrebrød. They try to infuse local ingredients into the Danish tradition and the results are out of this world.


If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned grilled meat during your trip to Iceland, then Kröst Is the place for you. You’ll find a nice selection of cured meats and French wine to accompany dishes like grilled duck, potato pancake salad, and jumbo shrimp. Böðvar and Agnar Lemacks bring Böðvar’s experience at Grillmarkaðurinn steakhouse to Kröst.

Rabbar Barinn

This lovely soup and sandwich shop also makes fresh juices. The locally-sourced vegetables add lots of flavor favorites like the juicy lobster and bacon sandwich or the lobster soup. The concept of bringing produce from farm-to-table is alive and well at Rabbar Barinn.

La Poblana

At this authentic Mexican taqueria, founder Juan Carlos Peregrina Guarneros serves up dishes he learned from his mother and grandmother back home in Mexico. Freshly made, spicy chili sauces will complement the meat, veggies and homemade corn tortillas nicely. Sip on a tasty Michelada beer to top the meal off.

Tasty authentic Mexican tacos from La Poblana in Hlemmur food hall

Ísleifur Heppni

Did someone say ice cream? Ísleifur uses high-quality ingredients and locally-produced dairy to make their creamy, icy concoctions. Get your frozen treats spun to order With liquid nitrogen. The result is a smooth textured Ice cream bursting with flavor, and that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss some of Iceland’s best ice cream here at this Hlemmur Food Hall food stall.

Bánh Mí

Authentic Vietnamese street food: who could ask for anything more? Davíð Viet Quoc’s beloved family recipes are a fusion between Vietnamese and French cuisine. Vietnamese coffee and bánh mí sandwiches formed at a crossroads between French and Vietnamese cuisine. The bánh mí sandwiches are the perfect combination of savory meats, crisp pickles, sriracha sauce, and fresh aromatics.


This soup and salad shop is coming soon to Hlemmur Food Hall.  Stay tuned for more details.

Dining in Reykjavik: Hlemmur Food Hall

With the plethora of options available at Hlemmur Food Hall, you should be able to find something for everyone in your group during your stay in Reykjavik. You’ve got Soups, salads, grilled meats, authentic Mexican tacos, Vietnamese street food, and Danish open-face sandwiches to name a few. You won’t need to worry about what to eat because there’s such a wide selection. Enjoy your meal and let us know what your favorite food stalls and vendors are.


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