June is a very expected month as the Solstice on the 21st of June announces the arrival of the Summertime. Days start getting shorter and the nights longer but before the cold temperatures are back, we still get to enjoy warmer temperatures and more daylight hours. If you would like to know what it is like to go camping in Iceland in June, then stick around!

Camping in Iceland in June

In Iceland, winter days are long and dark. We barely have daylight and the sun sets quite early. Even though we are used to it, we all long for those long days to come, and that is what June is all about. It is linked to a change in the nature, in the climate and of course, in the spirit of every Icelander. On the 24th of June we celebrate Jónsmessa, a magical night to inaugurate the midnight sun.

But what is the midnight sun, you may ask yourself? Well it is actually quite important if you are camping in Iceland in June:

Daylight hours:

Due to Iceland’s latitude, during the summer time the sun never really sets. And this is what we call the Midnight Sun. At midnight there is still light, not a bright one of course. More of a dusk light but anyway, we still get about 20h of daylight per day.

What is the advantage of this? Well, you got plenty of time to enjoy your planned activities, move around the island and enjoy the nature. But it also has a disadvantage you need to avoid when camping in Iceland in June; bad sleeping patterns.

Camping in Iceland in June

As the sun is still up, the body gets fooled and your internal clock thinks it is not yet time to go to bed. This may result in sleep deprivation, tiredness and restless night.  This can be solved easily by packing an eye mask with you. If you want to make the most of your Icelandic trip, resting is also an important part of the plan.

Campgrounds in June

The weather is nicer and more pleasant. This makes the roads more accessible and the same applied to campsites. Most of them are open by June so you got plenty of options to choose from. The downside of camping in Iceland in June is the flow of tourist and visitors. We are pretty much entering the peak season and this means crowded places.

Before coming to Iceland, make sure to book those campsites you will head to. This way you will avoid unavailability! Some campsites do not require to be booked in advance, but we still recommend to check their capacity as your camping date comes closer.


The weather is quite nice for camping in Iceland in June. The temperature average is about 13 to 14 degrees Celsius, although sometimes it can go up to 20! Also, the chances of rain in June are lower but you should still be prepared for some wet and windy days.

Camping in Iceland in June

Camping in Iceland in June: Lavish Summer is Here!

With this basic information, you should be ready to go camping in Iceland in June. Be sure to check other posts with packing and general information that can be useful as well! And take some time to have a whale watching tour or a puffin excursion! Happy camping!

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