Camping in Iceland is becoming more and more popular, and during the recent year we have experienced a massive camping explosion in the country. That’s why new campsites have opened and we count with more shops specializing in camping gear and these kind of items. However, even if the country is more prepared for this activity, is always good to know simple and easy tricks before arriving to the destination. This way you can save some money by bringing your own equipment or checking the cheapest options for the best Icelandic Trip.

Icelandic Trip

Let me give you the best 5 tricks for the comfiest Icelandic Trip ever:

Camping Trip Trick #1

I know it is funny to enjoy your Icelandic Trip as it goes, but it is always good to plan in advance, at least have a rough idea of your route and the places available to stay overnight. This is important during high season because campsites can get fully booked but also during winter time, as not all the campsites are open all year. To plan ahead includes checking minimum and maximum temperatures for your dates and also check reviews from people how stayed on the different places, that will help you to pack only what you need.

Camping Trip Trick #2

Set up the tent at home before your travel. It will help you to familiarise with all the gear and also not forget anything necessary to assemble the tent. It might be cold, windy or rainy at the time of setting of the tent in Iceland and having experience of it will be really helpful!

Camping Trip Trick #3

Once at the campsite, prepare the space assigned to you before setting up the tent. Most campsites do not reserve the space, and you need to find your own, therefore try to choose one with not many rocks or roots. Then push away any little stones or branches. The flattest the terrain is, the better you will sleep.

Icelandic Trip

Camping Trip Trick #4

Make a list of everything you will need. Remember you will be on a campsite and not in a resort, so forget about luxury goods. You will most probably need basic cooking utensils, warm clothes, sleeping bag, waterproof shoes, a backpack, an air mattress… Some of those things are not easy to carry on a plane, so check the shops where you can rent them right in Iceland. Do not forget small staff, for example, a can opener or a deck of cards, it will take just a small space on your suitcase but can be really important!

Camping Trip Trick #5

Keep things simple regarding food. If you want to try and enjoy authentic Icelandic food, go to a restaurant. The camping gadgets to cook are only for basic meals as pasta whit a ready to eat sauce, soup, and maybe grilled meat. Anything else is too complicated to cook on a camping gas hob. Try canned food and buy fresh bread, it can be a good dinner. You will save a lot by only having breakfast at the campsite, so save some money to eat at local places.

Icelandic Trip

5 Tricks For The Comfiest Icelandic Trip Ever

In conclusion, I would recommend keeping things simple and being aware that you are going to a campsite and not a hotel. Enjoy the experience as Iceland is the perfect country to practice camping and connect with nature.

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