Going camping in Iceland for the first time might bring some difficulties. It might indeed not be easy as you are not sure what to pack, how to pack, what vehicle and equipment to rent. It can give you a real headache. Good preparation is the key to successful camping. The better you prepare yourself, the better your holidays will be and more relaxed you come back from your trip. To avoid a disappointment and any troubles I have prepared a list of quick camping hacks for your first time camping in Iceland!

First Time Camping in Iceland

Renting a vehicle

The best way of camping in Iceland is to rent a campervan or a motorhome. I would rather recommend this option than sleeping in a tent due to the changing weather conditions. Choosing the right vehicle is very important. Lack of necessary equipment, hidden costs can easily spoil your vacations. In Iceland, there are many local companies specialized in renting vehicles for camping. Make sure you check the reviews before booking to see if the company is reliable.

Check the equipment list in advance to know what you will need to bring with yourself. Most of the companies offer full equipment from Wifi to bed linen sets. Check if there is any extra cost for it to avoid any misunderstanding upon your pick up.

Traveling by campervan or a motorhome makes our camping life much easier as you already are provided with the kitchen utensils so you can enjoy a hot meal every chilly evening.

Packing your luggage

You wish to take everything with you but the airlines luggage limit doesn’t allow you? I know that pain. Pack only what’s necessary. That is why the first point in this point is important. If you study the equipment list of your vehicle carefully, you will avoid packing unnecessary stuff taking space in your suitcase. The sleeping bag might already be included in your vehicle.

As the storage space in the vehicles is limited as well, I would recommend you to take the suitcases made of soft material which you can always adjust more than the hard plastic suitcases.

First Time Camping in Iceland


I would rather say, do not leave this point until you get to Iceland. The day will pass quickly here and you realize you do not know where to park for the night. You should check the campsites lists beforehand. Depending on the time of the year some of the camping grounds might be closed. It is worth contacting the campsite’s owner and plan the trip according to places where you will end up at the end of the day. Not a good experience for first time camping in Iceland, right?


Planning your itinerary is very important for your first time camping in Iceland. As you know the weather in Iceland might change every few minutes and it is not much predictable. Always make a plan ‘B’ in case there are some roads closing or the strong wind does not let you drive through the coast. It is also important if you plan outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing and it is pouring rain outside. Do not let any day to be wasted because of this. Always have some alternative prepared to enjoy as much of Iceland as possible.

First Time Camping in Iceland

First Time Camping in Iceland? Quick Camping Hacks!

This is a very important point. As I mentioned in the previous point, you need to always be aware of the changing weather and bad conditions on the roads.

Driving rules in Iceland might be a bit different than in your country so prepare yourself for this. You should definitely be aware of the roads division between paved and gravel and know the speed restrictions on both of them.

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